Our clients at SKINFIVE are ecstatic we’re offering the targeted, non-invasive CoolSculpting fat elimination treatment now because we’re just a stone’s throw from the beach and the only place for miles around that offers it. From the Palisades to Malibu, Santa Monica and beyond, SKINFIVE’s CoolSculpting says ‘sayonara, sweetheart’ to saddlebags, inner thigh flab, belly bulges, batwing arms and muffin tops for good. But people are not so delighted when they learn that they’ll have to wait a few weeks before they see any improvement. What’s the deal here?

CoolSculpting as it happens

CoolSculpting technology, aka cryolipolysis, uses controlled freezing to kill fat cells in targeted areas. The frozen cells gradually die off, never to return. But it takes time – a few weeks to a few months at least – for the body’s inflammation cells to digest the dying fat cells before they are naturally eliminated via the lymphatic system in the feces and urine.

Waiting times comparison

When it comes to timing, take comfort in this. Shaping up through diet and exercise can take months before you see real improvement and even then, stubborn pockets of fat may still stick around. (IMPORTANT NOTE: We’re just talking about looks here, btw. We are, as it happens, great advocates of exercise because nothing is more brilliant for your health in the long run.) On the other hand, expensive and invasive plastic surgery options like liposuction can target those areas with great success. But they don’t yield results right away either; after surgery patients are swollen and temporarily bigger than they were before. It takes from two to six months for lipo results to fully manifest.

So next to other fat loss procedures, CoolSculpting compares quite favorably; less trouble, less expense and about the same time or less for the final outcome. It’ll take a little advanced planning, sure, but for results like these, it’ll be well worth the wait.