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To dramatically improve CoolSculpting, laser, radiofrequency or ultrasound treatment results by up to 60%, painless, high-energy radial shockwaves improve skin firmness, smooth out the dimpling and accelerate fat cell clearing to help flush the system.

CONCERN: Cellulite, sluggish healing
SUITABLE FOR: All skin types
TREATMENT PREP: Clean body, wear old underpants
TREATMENT TIME: 10 minutes
RESULTS SHOW: After 5 treatments
COURSE OF TREATMENT: 2 to 3x a week for 3 weeks
RESULTS SHOW: After 5 treatments

Just the Facts

Refresher comes in four formulations:

  • Lemon Zest to shrink the look of pores and impart a glow
  • Blueberry to soothe active acne
  • Pomegranate to neutralize hyperpigmentation and acne inflammation
  • Seaweed to hydrate dry or sensitive skin including eczema and rosacea

Pair it Up

All SKIN FIVE treatments play brilliantly with others. Here’s what to partner with Refresher to amplify your results.

  • Infuser microdermabrasion facial to cleanse, repair and hydrate
  • Uplifter radiofrequency-powered microneedline to firm up
  • Spotless laser to clear acne, age spots and fine lines
  • Lineless Relax neuromodulator injections to release wrinkles of motion
  • Tightener radiofrequency to firm, tone and boost elasticity

Package Deals

Combine Refresher with other services and enjoy a package discount while you’re at it.

  • Big Picture Package combines Uplifter, Spotless, Refresher and Infuser, 1 hour and 45 minutes link
  • Acne Trio Package combines Spotless, Refresher and Infuser, 1 hour and 15 minutes link

Irresistible Add-ons

  • Unblemished injections to resolve deep pimples overnight, 10 minutes
  • Extractor pore purging to clear out clogged pores, 10 minutes

Why We Love It

“Refresher is one of my favorites because it is such an excellent value and able to achieve so much in such a short amount of time. It gives the results of a peel but without actually irritating or peeling the skin. Personally, I like the Lemon Zest on myself because it I love how sleek it makes my face feel and look.” Christine Nell, FNP SKIN FIVE Co-founder

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