Morning After Package

Sometimes it feels like no good time goes unpunished. Worry not, our remedial Morning After Package is – literally – just what the doctor ordered to flush out your system and nourish up your skin. Trust us, this works much much better than hair of the dog.

  1. CONCERN: Hangover, jet lag, pre- and post-period bloat
  2. SUITABLE FOR: All skin types
  3. TREATMENT PREP: Clean face, no makeup or product
  4. RESULTS: You’ll feel better in an hour, much better in two and look much better by tomorrow
  5. PACKAGE REPEAT: As needed

The Morning After package includes:

Just the facts

  • A hangover leaves all the tissues in your body dehydrated (as does jet lag)
  • Ironically, a major symptom of dehydration is bloating
  • Excessive amounts of any alcohol give you a hangover but brown spirits are worst
  • Mixed cocktails often contain a lot of sugar which adds to the dehydration
  • Salty snacks that often accompany drinking (or show up on the rim of a margarita) worsens the dehydration too

Irresistible add-ons

  • Unblemished: injections to resolve deep pimples overnight, 10 minutes
  • Extractor: pore purging to clear out clogged pores, 10 minutes


“What you have to remember when you have a hangover is that your skin and body basically hate you. So the least you can do is show them a little love with a lot of rehydration from the inside (by drinking plenty of water throughout the day) and from with out (with the SKIN FIVE Morning After Package.”

Ava Shamban, MD