CoolSculpting Booster Program

CoolSculpting fat freezing contouring technology is amazing but here we’ve found ways to make it even better (that is, work faster by flushing fat cells deeper and more efficiently.) Though we know that the program includes CoolSculpting and Smoother, we can’t say for sure what your other treatments will be exactly until we see you. But here are some possibilities.

  1. CONCERN: Stubborn areas of fat resistant to dieting
  2. SUITABLE FOR: All skin types
  3. TREATMENT PREP: Clean body, no product, wear old underpants
  4. RESULTS SHOW: You’ll start to notice subtle improvement in about a month with notable improvement in 3 months.

The CoolSculpting Booster Program Includes:

  • Smoother: Radial Z Waves to enhance fat flushing CoolSculpting results
  • Slimmer: BalancerPRO series for lymphatic drainage and body bloat
  • B12 Injection: for exhaustion, low energy and malaise
  • Freeze Patch: topical appetite suppressant

Just the facts

  • Radial Z Waves are clinically proven to improve CoolSculpting fat flushing results by 65 to 100%
  • Radial Z Waves works temporarily to minimize the look of cellulite; results last about 3 week


“CoolSculpting is brilliant at targeting areas of unwanted fat in and of itself. But what we do here at SKIN FIVE with this customized CoolSculpting Booster Program is double its efficacy. And we have the clinical results to prove it! By immediately following CoolSculpting with supplemental treatments, we’re able to enhance the body’s ability to flush away dead frozen fat cells more quickly and amp up the metabolism to boot.”

Ava Shamban, MD