Acne Trio Package

Because acne is caused by a perfect storm of different factors, you’ve got to hit it with multiple kinds of treatments in order to erase it. Here we’ve assembled the big guns – 3 clarifying modalities done back-to-back – in a package that’s our ultimate blemish buster.

  1. CONCERN: Persistent breakouts and post-acne hyperpigmentation
  2. SUITABLE FOR: All skin types
  3. TREATMENT PREP: Clean face, no makeup or product
  4. TREATMENT TIME: 90 minutes
  5. RESULTS: You’ll start to notice in about a week and then it just keeps getting better from there.
  6. PACKAGE REPEAT: Every other week until the acne cycle is broken or post-acne traces have faded.

The Acne Trio Package Includes:

  • Spotless: laser to clear active blemishes and post-acne discoloration
  • Refresher: exfoliating enzyme mask to soothe and smooth
  • Infuser: exfoliation and nourishing microdermabrasion facial

Just the facts

  • Since acne is a perfect storm of multiple factors, it takes multiple treatment modalities to control it
  • The Spotless Excel V laser reduces bacteria, redness and inflammation
  • The Refresher gets rid of sticky, pore-clogging skin cell debris
  • The Infuser HydraFacial dermabrasion further exfoliates and delivers skin-repairing antioxidants
  • Treating all acne factors at one time allows the body’s immune system to heal the skin more efficiently

Irresistible add-ons

  • Extractor: pore purging to clear out clogged pores, 10 minutes
  • Unblemished: injections to heal deep, ‘underground’ lesions, 10 minutes


“Acne Trio is one of the services I’m most proud of at SKIN FIVE. When we first designed our menu, we knew that Spotless, Refresher and Infuser were all beneficial for actinic or inflamed skin – before, during and after breakouts. But when we did them together in one sitting, their collective clarifying power was nothing short of remarkable.”

Christine Nell, FNP

SKIN FIVE co-founder