Abs Your Mama Program

Congratulations, your newborn has arrived. Now it’s time to do something for yourself. Here we customize a program to reclaim your pre-baby body while regaining strength, energy, and a discernable waistline. We can’t say for sure exactly what treatments we’ll prescribe until we see you but here are some possibilities.

  1. CONCERN: Post-natal pudge, diastasis recti (separation of the muscles)
  2. SUITABLE FOR: All skin types
  3. TREATMENT PREP: Clean face and body, no makeup or product
  4. RESULTS: You’ll start noticing changes in about 3 weeks with progressive, and significant, improvement after that.

The Abs Your Mama Program Includes:

  • Emsculpt: 4-treatment series to tighten abs and strengthen core
  • CoolSculpting: targeted fat freezing
  • Slimmer: BalancerPRO 4-treatment series for lymphatic drainage and body bloat
  • Smoother: ZWaves to enhance CoolSculpting results

Just the facts

  • Clinical studies demonstrate and 11% reduction in diastasis recti though individual results may be significantly better
  • Clinical studies demonstrate that a Smoother Z Wave treatment done immediately after CoolSculpting, leads to a 65% to 100% improvement of CoolSculpting results (that is, a greater number of damaged fat cells are swept out of the system.)
  • Getting rid of lactic acid and other fluids via lymphatic drainage helps muscles recover from Emsculpt’s vigorous pulsation


“I experienced diastasis recti with both my pregnancies so I can speak to the efficacy of our Abs Your Mama package myself. I completed the whole thing after my second baby and my midsection emerged in as good a shape as it was before I ever got pregnant. If I hadn’t experienced the results myself, I’m not sure I would have believed they were possible.”

Christine Nell, FNP

SKIN FIVE co-founder