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Lineless Relax


For skin etched with crow’s feet, stress wrinkles or lines of motion, you’re letting go of the lines and releasing the tension to look naturally relaxed.

CONCERN: Expression lines
SUITABLE FOR: All skin types
TREATMENT PREP: Clean face, no makeup or product
TREATMENT TIME: 30 minutes
RESULTS SHOW: After about 3 days, looks best after a week
REPEAT: Every 3 to 4 months or as needed

Just the Facts

Lineless Relax materials are Botox or Dysport, a neuromodulator protein. This treatment is also effective for treating excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis) and for releasing cord-like bands in the neck.

Why We Love It

“Lineless treatments are our injectable services and I love performing them because of the dramatic improvement they offer right away. The ability to ease, fill and erase lines has literally changed the face of growing older. This means that paired with other rejuvenation technologies, anyone can have a natural-looking line-free face for the rest of their life.” – Ava Shamban, MD, AVA MD  SKIN FIVE Founder

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