Lady Macbeth wasn’t the only one who had a problem with spots; we’re not such great fans of the legion of lesions that pop up on our faces, hands and bodies ourselves.  But with multiple causes – age spots from sun exposure, après-pimple smears, pregnancy-induced melasma and an inherited tendency for freckles – are all brown spots physiologically alike? And what all is involved with making them going away and stay gone for good?

A little physiology lesson here first. No matter your ethnicity, melanin is the pigment responsible for skin, eye and hair color in everyone. The difference in skin color between lightly and darkly pigmented people is not due to the quantity of their skin’s melanocytes – i.e. melanin-producing cells – but to the melanocytes’ innate and genetically-determined level of activity.

Healthy skin is evenly pigmented; unevenly pigmented skin is a sign of damage. It’s UV exposure from the sun and/or other conditions that trigger our arch-foes, concentrated melanin deposits in the form brown spots and splotches, to show up and do their worst.  Here are the most common:

  • Age spots > sun exposure coupled with the skin’s impaired ability to repair itself as it ages
  • Post-acne > melanin deposits following inflammation and made worse by, you got it, sun exposure
  • Freckles > sun exposure in the genetically-inclined
  • Melasma > extremely stubborn melanin deposits occurring after a hormonal shift such as pregnancy, polycystic ovary syndrome or menopause

Lasers and chemical peels – along with diligent home care and slathering on the sunscreen for the rest of your life – can work wonders in tackling brown spots.  But as effective as they are, some of these procedures require the kind of healing time that few can manage on a busy schedule. At SKINFIVE, The Spotless can deliver the same lightening results as more extreme measures but – full disclosure – it will require multiple treatments and may take months. But the significant upside is this, as your spots gradually fade away the treatments will bring out the best in the rest of your skin too . . . and all with no down time.

FADE AWAY – Looking to fade brown spots over time but with no down time?  Using the right products containing skin lighteners, alpha-hydroxy acids, antioxidants and sunscreens (here’s looking at you Ava Infuse products!) are your part of the home care bargain. Booking The Spotless series is how we can help over time.   BOOK NOW