Last night’s partying was a blast. This morning’s brutal headache, Mojave-dry mouth and ashen face in the mirror, not so much. Here’s what to do to make the best of the worst.

A hangover is proof positive that nothing, but nothing, in life is free . . . and that’s especially true for fun. In addition to feeling awful you’ve suddenly aged a century overnight with dry, haggard skin that looks sallow and dull. And sorry to be the bearer of bad news here but these symptoms can last up to three miserable days if you don’t take care.

Sorrows from grain and the grape

No matter if spirits or wine, excessive alcohol can really do a number on your complexion including:

  • Raise cortisol levels: Cortisol is a stress hormone that will make anything going on with your skin even worse, including acne, excessive oil, rosacea, and eczema.
  • Dehydrate something fierce: Alcohol sucks all of the water out of the cells so they shrivel up. On the skin, this means the surface will be very dry, itchy, flaky and ashy.

The hydration situation

Your job is to re hydrate not just your skin but your whole body. Here’s how:

  • Drink coconut water: At least how much per day for how many days drink coconut water or an electrolyte solution like LyteShow. Stay away of electrolyte sports drinks though because they can pack in as much sugar as sweet soft drinks that rather negates the whole effort to get healthier.
  • Lightly exfoliate: Each day for three days in a row, do some mild exfoliation (with a fine scrub or electronic brush) and follow with a moisturizing mask.
  • Befriend the H2O: While you’re wearing your moisturizing mask, drink 12 oz. of water.
  • Work the body lotion: On all areas of your body where you’re prone to itching, slather on a body lotion or cream that has a lot of ingredient in it. Name specific product/brand is always a good choice.

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