Infuser by Hydrafacial®


Our most requested face treatment, Infuser by Hydrafacial® provides all the monthly basics that your skin needs, from a thorough cleansing to microdermabrasion that exfoliates the dead skin cells away and get your pores the most pristine clean. We provide a complimentary booster depending on what treatment your skin needs as well as give your skin the moisture boost it needs to get hydrated, refreshed and glowing. We customize this nationally recognized leader in facial treatments to your skin type and condition. Whether your skin in oily or dry or somewhere in the middle, our Infuser by Hydrafacial® is guaranteed to make your skin look its best ever!

  1. CONCERN: Acne, dryness, oiliness, clogged pores, lackluster skin, wrinkles/lines, uneven skin tone & texture
  2. TREATMENT TIME: Most sessions are 30 minutesand can be extended with most add-on treatments./li>
  3. COST: Starting at $189/face (includes Skin Five Face Assessment)
  4. RESULTS: You will see & feel results immediately with best results after 24 hours


How long does the Infuser by Hydrafacial® treatment take?

To receive maximum results, we have organized your treatment session for 30 minutes each month.

What areas can I treat with Infuser by Hydrafacial®?

Our SKIN FIVE providers can perform this treatment on the face, neck and décolleté/chest.

When can I see results?

Where are the Infuser by Hydrafacial® treatments performed?

At SKIN FIVE, we provide best in class treatment rooms equipped with complimentary wi-fi so you can plug into your favorite playlist or continue your Netflix binge. You choose.

What do I need to wear?

We suggest wearing comfortable clothing and will provide robes or disposable clothing if requested. On any special oral or topical medications? Just let us know when you schedule your appointment and we will let you know how to prep.

Who is this Infuser by Hydrafacial® treatment designed for?

For anyone wanting their skin to look its best, whether for a special occasion or just because. This is our top requested face service to address any skin issues as it is basic maintenance of your skin. Before any treatment, our SKIN FIVE providers perform a face assessment to learn about your concerns and design a treatment plan to deliver results.

Are there any special discounts I can apply?

SKIN FIVE offers a unique discount program called HIGH FIVE membership. As part of your monthly benefits, you receive a complimentary Infuser by Hydrafacial® treatment as well as receive a 15% discount on all services and products while their membership is active.

Does it hurt?

Most of our patients report that this treatment is the highlight of their day-leaving their skin radiant and glowing. Some patients feel their skin is a bit pink or flushed for a few hours after treatment. Concerned with any issues? Just ask us.


“Infuser is extraordinary because you see the results instantly but then the skin just keeps getting better after that. Nothing quite cleans the pores like vacuuming them out the way Infuser can. And the fact that it works as well on acne as it does on the signs of aging makes it a client favorite too. Me, I have it done on my own face once a month without fail.”

KarriAnn Khalil, FNP

SKIN FIVE Co-founder