Delicious beauty blogger of I Like to Talk Alot and new mom Claudia Castillo delivered us a love letter with her November 23, 2016 post ‘Get Glowing Skin at SKINFIVE’.  Having refrained from a lot of things during her pregnancy and the infancy of her baby, she’d gone at least a year since her last facial treatment and felt waaaaaay overdue.

Claudia reported that she had dryish skin, an oily T-zone, minor congestion and a tendency to flush easily.

So our brief was deep cleansing, smoothing and infusing but without irritating her sensitive complexion. Starting with the efficient but oh-so-gentle The Infuser was far more relaxing and without the sandpapery scratchiness of the previous microdermabrasion treatments she’d had elsewhere. This we followed up with our pretty peel The Refresher that only tingled where others had burned.

As to the results, she wrote, “I looked in the mirror after my treatments and I was a bit pink, but holy moly my skin looked a million times better! By the time I made it downstairs to meet my husband the redness had already gone away and we could move onto lunch instead of me hiding in the house as I usually would do after a facial.”

Four days post-treatment she concluded, “I haven’t worn makeup that day, but haven’t felt the need to either.” Oh baby, that’s the stuff that’s music to our ears!

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