Slimmer by Ballancer Pro


For bloating, sluggishness, jet-lag or post-workout soreness, thoroughly relaxing full body lymphatic drainage compression therapy goes deeper than even the most intense massage.

  1. CONCERN: Water weight, soreness, exhaustion, jet lag, hangover, PMS
  2. SUITABLE FOR: All skin types
  3. TREATMENT PREP: Clean body, wear old underpants
  4. TREATMENT TIME: 1 hour
  5. COURSE OF TREATMENT: 3 to 5 appointments
  6. RESULTS: Immediately
  7. REPEAT: Monthly

Just the Facts

This fluid draining treatment system:
  • Has up to 24 individual overlapping chambers that inflate in sequence to provide seamless, smooth
    compression strokes.
  • Uses a directed flow of motion to increase blood flow to the massaged zones, while removing lingering waste products that age your tissues.
  • Is also excellent for reducing bloat and encouraging healing 7 to-10 days after liposuction, Ultherapy, CoolSculpting or giving birth

Pair it Up

All SKIN FIVE treatments play brilliantly with others. Here’s what to partner with Slimmer to amplify your results.
  • CoolSculpting: targeted fat-freezing body contouring
  • Smoother: Radial Z waves to amplify CoolSculpting and Emsculpt results

Package Deals

Combine Slimmer with other services and enjoy a package discount while you’re at it.
  • Coolsculpting Booster Program: Personalized CoolSculpting program incorporates Slimmer, Smoother and optional FreezePatch and B12 injections
  • Lean Machine Program:  Customized superfit combo to lose fat and gain muscle quickly and efficiently. Includes Coolsculpting, Emsculpt, Slimmer, Smoother, FreezePatch and B12 injections

Irresistible Add-ons

  • FreezePatch: topical energy patch and appetite suppressant


“What I have learned about Slimmer is that each client has her own unique experience and results. Some report a disappearance of cellulite and increased skin elasticity, others notice heightened energy and still others experience a loss of few dress sizes. For me I love Slimmer because it helps me relax my body and mind after a stressful day in the ER; it’s meditation that doubles as a treatment.”

Marine Chilyan RN, BSN

SKIN FIVE provider, Century City