CoolSculpting Enhancement Patch


First developed to partner with CoolSculpting and amplify its efficacy, this topical take home application works well to work with any fat loss treatment, lymphatic drainage procedure or on its own.

  1. CONCERN: Enhancing CoolSculpting results, slow metabolism, fatigue
  2. SUITABLE FOR: All body types
  3. TREATMENT PREP: Clean dry area so patch can adhere
  4. COURSE OF TREATMENT: Until goal weight is reached
  5. RESULTS SHOW: Beginning in 4 weeks, best in 3 months
  6. REPEAT: Reapply every 24 hours

Just the Facts

SculptPatch can be used:
  • Continuously as part of a weight loss or health and fitness regimen
  • Occasionally as an energy boost

Pairing Up

All SKIN FIVE treatments play brilliantly with others. Here’s what to partner with SculptPatch to amplify your results.

Package Deals

SculptPatch can be included in the following packages:
  • CoolSculpting Booster Package: Personalized CoolSculpting program incorporates Slimmer, Smoother and optional B12 injections.
  • Lean Machine Program: Customized superfit combo to lose fat and gain muscle quickly and efficiently. Includes CoolSculpting, Emsculpt, Slimmer, Smoother and optional B12 injections


“SculptPatch is over-the-top popular for a reason. It can be used by anyone any time who needs to sustain their energy or keep their appetite in check throughout the day; calmly, safely and without the jittery rollercoaster after effects of caffeine or other drugs.”

Shirley Sherman, Cosmetic Consultant

AVA MD Beverly Hills