Dual Energy Cellulite Blaster

Thermal and mechanical energy team up to relax the fibrous bands that are the principal cause of cellulite dimples and ease all other contributing factors on the thighs, abdominals, arms and rear.

  1. CONCERN: Cellulite
  2. SUITABLE FOR: All skin types
  3. TREATMENT PREP: Clean body, no product
  4. TREATMENT TIME: 4 sessions total in 2 weeks, 30 minutes each
  5. RESULTS SHOW: Immediately, with continuous improvement for a few months
  6. REPEAT: Every 3 months to maintain smoothness

Just the Facts

Non-invasive Emtone emits both radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy simultaneously to treat all the major contributing factors to cellulite:
  • Rigid collagen fibers that pull inwards causing dimpling
  • Enlarged fat chambers
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Poor blood flow
  • Metabolic waste accumulation

Pair it Up

All SKIN FIVE treatments play brilliantly with others. Here’s what partner with Emtone:
  • Smoother: Radial Z Waves to speed up metabolic waste removal
  • Slimmer: BalancerPro compression to speed up lymphatic drainage
  • CoolSculpting: targeted fat-freezing body contouring
  • Emsculpt: targeted body contouring, can be done on the same day as Emtone

Package Deals

Combine Emtone with other services and enjoy a package discount while you’re at it.

Irresistible Add-Ons


"Emtone, to alleviate the divots from cellulite, is the final piece of the thigh trimming puzzle. Emsculpt tones the muscles while burning a little fat, CoolSculpting freezes a good chunk of fat away, Emtone works to relax the connective tissue causing dimpling and Smoother Z Wave Radial Shockwaves enhance the collective cellular flushing results of them all."

Ava Shamban, MD