The Perennial Pimple

Are some pores just doomed? Some of us suffer with an unsweet spot where the same blemish pops up in the same place time after time. What’s going on here and what can be done about it? Acne has bad manners and the permanent pimple notoriously so.  It’s an unwanted guest that was never welcome […]

The Perfect Match

 What’s wrong with this picture . . . when the chest and the hands are looking decades older than the face? If you hang out with snooty fashion editors (as we do), you’re well aware that one of the most serious sartorial faux pas – and profound putdown to boot – is ‘matchy, matchy’. Essentially […]

Skin in the Gym

What good is working out if it means you’re going to be breaking out? Here’s what to know and here’s what to do if your complexion spins out of control. Are you plagued by Post-Pilates pimples? Après -Zumba zits?  Festering hot yoga face?  If so, you’re not alone.  For those who are prone to it, […]